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Empils-zinc company is leading Russian zinc oxide manufacturer and founder of zinc oxide production in Russia. In 1923 the first industrial zinc oxide was produced exactly on our factory. Nowadays the production capacity allows to produce up to 20,000 tons of various grade products per year, which according to the company data corresponds to about 50% share of all zinc oxide production volume in Russia. We cooperate with the world's leading tire companies, manufacturers of cable and rubber products, ceramics, pharmaceutical industry, livestock, agriculture, oil and other industries. We are actively developing the export of Russian zinc oxide worldwide. Empils-zinc products have been successfully registered with the European chemical Agency under the REACH regulation, which guarantees their compliance with European environmental standards and allows the company to export zinc oxide to the EU countries without restrictions. The company's quality management system corresponds the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.


Zinc oxide is widely used in various industries: in the tire industry as an activator in the vulcanization process, as a filler and pigment in the production of rubber products, plastics, electric cables, artificial leather, used in the production of glass and ceramics, additives to animal feed, in the paint and oil refining industry as an anti-corrosion component. In addition, the properties of zinc oxide cause its use in medicine in the form of powders and ointments as an antiseptic, in the creation of abrasive toothpastes and cements in dentistry, in sun creams and cosmetic procedures.

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