Zinc oxide is an important raw material component in tyre, rubber, paint and varnish, oil refining and cable industry as well as in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, ceramics, imitation leather materials and other products.

Zinc oxide Applications

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Product form

The products are manufactured in form of powder and granules.

Specification of granulated zinc oxide:

Chemical composition of granules does not differ from the chemical composition of powdered zinc oxide because granulated zinc oxide is produced without any coupling agent.

Granulated zinc oxide has the following parameters:

Name of indicators Values
Granule size, mm 1-2 3-4
Granule hardness, gf 10-30 30-80
Bulk density, t/m3 1,4-2,0
Granule appearance prismatic

Advantages of granulated zinc oxide:

1. Reducing adhesion property of zinc oxide to minimum. It helps to accurate dosing of zinc oxide in the process, and also eliminates the problem of extra cleaning equipment due to much smaller adhering in transport-dosing systems.
2. The best flowability of zinc oxide. Therefore it is not necessary to use vibrators during technological process. As a result reduced noise, electricity consumption and equipment wear (hoppers, screw), and dust content in the air is also greatly reduced.
3. Saving of storage space, more compact placement of ZnO (because the volume of granulated zinc oxide 2 times less at the same weight).


Packaging of the product is carried out into

  • - laminated container of capacity 700 kg or 1000 kg each,
  • - polypropylene container of capacity 500 kg each,
  • - or paper bags of capacity 25-40 kg each.

Every container (big-bag) is sealed, has a serial number and production shift.

There is the following information on the packaging:

  • - Logo EMPILS-ZINC.
  • - The name of the product – Zinc Oxide.
  • - Signal word “Warning”, hazard pictogram “hazardous for the environment”, hazard and precautionary statements according to REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008 on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures.
  • - Zinc oxide EU classification numbers: CAS 1314-13-2, EINECS 215-222-5, UN 3077.
  • - The following symbols: handling mark: “keep dry”, class 9 hazard symbol “Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles”.
  • - The name of the company-manufacturer - Empils-zinc Ltd., the address and the contacts in Russian/English/other European languages.
  • - Grades of products in Russian/English/other European languages directly on a container. Packed grade is marked with a tick. Or grade of products on a label of a bag.
  • - Net weight (on a label of bag or container).
  • - Lot number and date of manufacture (on a label of bag or container).
  • - Certificate number on compliance of package with the requirements of international and national regulations on the transport of dangerous goods.
Packaging on the pallets is possible if necessary.


Delivery of goods is carried out by trucks or railway wagons.