Laboratory of Empils-zinc Ltd.

Modern laboratory is a department of the company which fulfils a range of tasks operating with exact information only.

The main principle of the laboratory specialists is quality above all. We guarantee supporting and further development of our quality system.

Main aims of laboratory of Empils-zinc Ltd. are:

  1. Quality control of purchased raw materials;
  2. Product quality control at all production stages;
  3. Prevention of delivery defective products to a final customer.

As quality has to be focused on a customer, the main feature of our laboratory is satisfaction of all customers’ quality requirements. Therefore we analyze each product in accordance with importance of quality parameters for a consumer and beyond requirements of the state standards.

Laboratory specialists together with production department staff are engaged in improvement actions of output and prevention of defective products during production process.

Laboratory specialists are involved in projects with Russian leading accredited centers in sphere of improvement methods for analyzing inorganic pigments, especially zinc oxide.

To confirm the conformity to requirements of normative documentation check tests of each grade are regularly made in Russian independent accredited laboratory centers.

Process inspection is carried out continually.

Stage Control
of control
Incoming inspection of zinc metal to the plant quality and quantity according to supplier’s certificate every lot of zinc metal Laboratory specialist/ storeman
total analysis of zinc metal parameters in the plant or an independent laboratory every 6 000 tons of zinc metal Laboratory specialist/ accredited center
Incoming inspection of zinc metal to production (splitting of zinc) quantity twice per shift (12 hours) Shift supervisor
Melting and evaporation of zinc Temperature, Rarefaction, muffles condition in a furnace 24 hours a day with indication on a diagram and note in a muffle furnace register Shift supervisor / furnace operator
Zinc fume oxidation
- in oxidizing fountain presence of blast waste 4 times in 12 hours Furnace operator
rarefaction every 2 hours Shift supervisor
muffle mouth condition every 30 min. Shift supervisor/ furnace operator
- in oxidizing chamberunloading ZnO grade Aonce in 12 hoursFurnace operator
Zinc oxide filtration inlet temperature of a filter 24 hours a day Shift supervisor
presence of ZnO in bunkers/ hoppers of filter apparatus twice in 12 hours Shift supervisor
Product packaging weight, labeling, appearance during a shift Laboratory specialist/ bagger/ storeman
Preparation of muffles in a calcining furnace temperature 24 hours a day Shift supervisor/ furnace operator
rarefaction every 2 hours Shift supervisor/ furnace operator
Finished productQuality (chemical parameters)
- for Russian deliveries every 2 tons Laboratory specialist
- for export deliveries every ton Laboratory specialist
Quality (specific surface) every ton Laboratory specialist
Morphology annually (to be carried out oftener according to a client’s request) Accredited center