Zinc oxide

is a synthetic inorganic white pigment. It is produced by indirect (French) process in muffle furnaces at our enterprise.

Technological process of zinc oxide production (Scheme)

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Technological process description

Preparation (splitting) of zinc metal.

For our manufacturing we use Zinc metal of high quality grades only - Z0/Ц0, Z0A/Ц0А, ZV/ЦВ which corresponds to European Special High Grade zinc.

Production of zinc oxide:

  • Melting, evaporation of zinc and its fume oxidation is carried out in continuous muffle furnaces;
  • Cooling of the oxidized product;
  • Filtration of zinc oxide: fans proceed aerosol of zinc oxide through cyclones to filters to separate out.

Product packaging.

Product packaging is carried out into laminated container of capacity 1000 kg each, polypropylene container of capacity 500 kg each or 4-layer paper bags of capacity 25-40 kg each.
Every container (big-bag) is sealed, has a serial number and production shift.

The main parameters of zinc oxide production process are controlled continuously at its every stage.