What is the difference between grades of zinc oxide BZ0M and Tyre Quality?

Both grades correspond to Russian state standards GOST 202-84, but zinc oxide Tyre Quality has higher specific surface and nodular particles (no sharp crystals/needles), these parameters help to save use of material in rubber compound production.

How is quality control carried out?

We use Zinc metal of high quality grades only for manufacturing. Each lot is checked by incoming inspection. The main parameters of zinc oxide production process are controlled at its every stage continually. Product quality control of each 1-2 tons is carried out.More information you can find here.

Could you analyze your product on additional parameters?

Yes, we could. To make that analysis, you should provide us with a list of necessary parameters, and we will include them in a certificate of analysis.

Is it possible to pack your products on pallets?

Yes, it is possible. The products in paper bags could be packed on pallets and fixed by stretch film. More information you can find here.

How is your product packed?

Product packaging is carried out into paper bags of capacity 25-40 kg each or polypropylene/laminated containers of capacity 500/1000 kg each. Every container (big-bag) is sealed, has a serial number and production shift. More information you can find here.

Do you have Material Safety Data Sheet on your product?

Yes, we have MSDS with all the necessary information about the product. MSDS is checked and registered by Russian Information and Analytical Center "Safety of substances and materials" FEDERAL STATE UNITARY ENTERPRISE «VNICSMV» 13 April 2010. We also provide our customers with MSDS in accordance with REACH Regulation.

Who is in charge for quality, quantity or shipping questions in your company?

In case you have a specific quality, quantity or shipping question, you can contact our sales managers or Head of Quality Department Ms. Reshetova Anna (reshetova2@zno.empils.ru) or Head of Logistics Department Mr. Mironov Oleg (mironov@zno.empils.ru).

How could we get a sample of your products?

You should contact to any sales manager, send us a free form letter with indication of required sample (specify grade of zinc oxide, quantity, required documents).

Can you deliver your products to EU countries?

Yes, we can. In order to comply with the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 and to ensure future supply of our products to customers, zinc oxide produced by Empils-zinc has been successfully registered at European Chemical Agency in September, 2010. More information you can find here.

What grades of zinc oxide do you produce?

The main grades we produce are BZ0M, grade А, zinc oxide pure, zinc oxide grey and Tyre quality. More information you can find here. If you need product with additional parameters please send us an inquiry and we’ll consider the opportunity of its production.

Do you produce zinc oxide in granules?

Yes, we do. More information you can find here.

Do the chemical properties of zinc oxide change during granulation?

Granulation process of zinc oxide is carried out on special equipment without adding of any coupling agent that allows retaining the original chemical composition of zinc oxide and doesn’t affect its properties.

What is the difference between granulated and powdered zinc oxide?

The main difference of granulated zinc oxide is reduction of adhesion property, it allows to dose zinc oxide in a process more accurate, and also eliminates the problem of extra cleaning equipment. Besides granulated zinc oxide is more compact, its volume is in 2 times less of the same weight, that allows saving of space at a warehouse and maneuvering easily during moving by a loader.

What kind of transports is acceptable for delivery of your products?

In accordance with shipping rules zinc oxide could be delivered by all modes of transports. We usually deliver our products by trucks and railway wagons.

How could we get to the plant by a truck?

You can find location map here.